The very first of the Barosi brand of wholesome goodness – fresh, pure milk from cows brought up in our backyard.

One of our fondest memories from our childhood, is Maa waiting by the door to hand us a tall glass of milk, served right out of a clay pot that rested in a Barosi. Our bags and shoes flung by the door, there was nothing more enticing than the earthy and smoky smell of the milk, lent to it by the slow heating in the Barosi. Even as we gulped down the milk, the Barosi, which was a small hole in the ground filled with wood and cow dung cakes, nestled the clay pot as it heated slowly.

Milk has an important role in Indian kitchen - it dominates our daily staple food and is one of the best sources of nutrition for children. Your needs are a top priority for Barosi and we understand our responsibility when it comes to food quality. We bring you farm-fresh, raw, nutritious and tasty milk to your doorstep. Barosi milk is free from unnatural additives or preservatives of any kind.

Taste it to believe it

Crossbreed Cow Milk

  • 500 ml - 34.00
  • 1 ltr - 68.00

Desi Cow Milk

  • 500 ml - 48.00
  • 1 ltr - 96.00

Buffalo Milk

  • 500 ml - 38.00
  • 1 ltr - 76.00