We understand that you are busy and what you are doing is important. We understand that you are running day and night to solve problems. You like facing challenges, being ambitious and we applaud that in you. We know it is difficult to slow down because whatever you are doing is important for you, your family, and for the society. But we would like you to take a step back and relax, because we want you to experience our world. You will see that our worlds are diametrically opposite – the new world charisma vs. old world charm, the speed vs. the pause, the active vs. the tranquil…

It is peaceful and not vibrant, we are not fast as you are, but we love exchanging stories. We don't have skyscrapers, but you can gaze at the greenery as far as you can see. We might disappoint you as electricity is a rare phenomenon but the experience of lying on a cot under the shadow of a Neem tree with a book of Munshi Premchand is unparalleled. As fulfilling are the thin crust pizza, is the chapati made in our chulah. As invigorating as your energy drink, is the milk produced by our cows…

We are Barosi – we welcome you to experience our world - different, but exactly what you would enjoy.

Just as we reach you through this website and a WhatsApp message, we want you to experience the goodness and wholesomeness from the villages of India.

Our Philosophy:

We stay true to our farming philosophy of connecting you to local, trusted and sustainable farms.

From our farms to your doorstep, the product you receive is the best local product grown in the most economically sustainable way. With your support, we can help grow local farms and invest back in rural communities. We believe in a transparent food system where customers can make informed choices about the food they buy and eat.

We are a part of food revolution, sharing and building the knowledge of authentic, farm fresh food system