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500 ml
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849 641

Ghee - this timeless goodness from times ancient, lending the most magnificent aroma and taste to everything it graces, not to mention it’s abundant health benefits. This culinary gold, truly is purified by fire. The Barosi Ghee, very simply put, is cooked cow milk butter. It goes through an extremely slow cooking process which removes carbohydrates, proteins, casein, lactose, water and impurities - leaving behind pure golden fat. And one of the most body friendly fats at that, as it does not contain any trans-fatty acids. We make ghee from natural milk using the traditional “Bilona” method. It’s the perfect healthy addition to any kitchen, giving every meal an extra dose of nutrition & taste. No matter where we are, with each bite of the Barosi Ghee, we get a whiff of the crisp farm air.

Barosi Cultured Cow Ghee is made from natural milk and does not raise cholesterol levels. It is ideal for all Indian cuisine and a real discovery for those who enjoy making cookies, sponge cakes, muffins and other sweets. We encourage you to include in your diet several different fats, as the body needs a wide spectrum of elements.

* 100% Natural and Pure
* Made traditionally from Churned Butter using the Bilona method
* Healthy and hygienic methodology keeps the nutrient value intact