Item Quantity :
500 gms
Item Price :
499 399

An ode to childhood playtime conquests of aiming stones at honeycombs for liquid gold, a dollop of the prized sweet nectar totally worth the sometimes swollen, yet grinning faces we came home with. There is precious little in life sweeter than licking a spoon of dripping golden yellow honey wrapped around it. The bees got busier during spring time and the buzzing more melodious, that’s how we knew it's time to devour the sweet fruit of their labour. 

We bring the purest, rawest, most authentic Multi Floral honey to your kitchen, directly sourced from apiaries in Punjab and seasonally harvested twice a year (Spring & Autumn). The unprocessed raw honey is sustainably collected using age-old techniques of extraction, the cruelty free way which means taking honey after bees have had their complete share. Loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, proven to boost immunity, this multi floral honey is the perfect replacement for refined sugar. Enjoy a spoonful daily to reap its abundant health benefits and relish the sweet joy.