Item Quantity :
2 x 300 gm
Item Price :
800 580

It's that time of the year again, pickling season, or maybe we should call it a festival (sure has those vibes!). The women gather to wash, cut, and dry the fruit in the sun, filling the air with the sweet-sour aroma of the tender fruit. There is a sense of urgency on the farm as they go about this arduous task, carefully & meticulously mixing the spices, ensuring the highest level of hygiene, adding in some fragrant oils as preservative and most importantly, keeping us away from the courtyard where all the action takes place, lest we sample the fruit of their labour too soon! 

Our Mango Pickle is the quintessential countryside pickle, which is found in most households in the country, handmade with love. It is a heavenly mix of just the right amount of spices, minimal mustard oil and delectable mangoes, sure to lend a spicy crisp flavour to your meals. Bottled in glass jars to maintain the original flavour, the pickle is then preserved & consumed year round. It’s versatility is amazing - goes well with a full meal, as an evening snack with chai & mathri, to add a dash of flavour to khichdi, or as we love it - morning breakfast of triangle parantha, mango pickle & chai!