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750 ml + 750 ml
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1039 759

They say some of the best cooking is inspired by some of the simplest ingredients. And a simple ingredient like oil can make all the difference to the taste & health of your meals. A medium to cook, a dressing for salads, adding some extra love to your baking, preservatives for your pickles & chutneys, nourishing the mind & body; is there anything a good oil cannot do? 

Sesame seeds were one of the first crops processed for oil and as a condiment. It is used as a flavour enhancer in many cuisines. Barosi’s cold pressed Sesame oil is produced from finest black sesame seeds, and cold pressed to perfection retaining its nutrient value. Cold pressed sesame oil is suitable for frying, sauteing or even raw consumption.

Our Mustard oil’s journey starts at the lush green fields. We source the seeds from farms and then use wooden churners (kolhu) to extract the oil. It’s the most natural, ancient way of oil extraction, the entire process is completely chemical or preservative free, giving you only the purest & most fragrant mustard oil. And the roughage post extraction becomes a healthy meal for our farm cattle!