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Popularly called the countryside chocolate, jaggery is the perfect after meal treat to satiate those sweet cravings. Deep earthy sweetness, with an almost burnt flavour and mineral & coffee overtones, it is one of the most versatile & healthy ingredients found in many Indian homes. Whether you have a piece after dinner, mix it in a glass of milk, use it to make the tastiest of Indian sweets, or have it in its most authentic combination of “Gur Chana”, the health benefits are abundant. Packed with minerals, a daily dose of this desi chocolate aids digestion, boosts immunity, prevents anaemia and helps control glucose.

Barosi Sesame-Ginger Jaggery is made from natural, unrefined sugar made with traditional methods. It is completely chemical free, made using sugarcane grown at our farms in Muzaffarnagar (UP). We use only natural techniques to remove any impurities -  Bhindi plant (lady finger) helps remove impurities during the process, so we can bring to you the purest and tastiest sweet treat. It is further fortified with sesame seeds and ginger to increase its medicinal and antioxidant properties.