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5 kg
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Lush green fields stretched out as far as the eye can see, dewy winter mornings, misty & foggy with an earthy aroma, soaking in the best of farm life as we rushed to school with a heavy backpack and a light step. Growing up in the interiors of Northern India, “wheat season” was one of our favourite seasons. As the weather changed from the cold winter to a breezy spring, the crop changed colours too, from a bright green to a crisp golden yellow, as if dancing with joy to welcome spring. 

At Barosi, we bring to you the same childhood memories packed with love in our ‘Sharbati Wheat Flour’. We source Sharbati Wheat, also known as 306 Desi Wheat, from Madhya Pradesh. Hand-picked grains are chakki-ground in small batches at our farm and delivered directly to you. Sharbati Wheat is a superior, non-GMO breed of wheat crop that has been traditionally cultivated in Madhya Pradesh for decades. Chapatis made from this heirloom aata are softer, tastier and more nutritious, enjoy the lightness with every meal!