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250 gms
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Think ‘white butter’ and the mind instantly pictures a wholesome meal of aloo paranthas or sarson ka saag & makki roti, served with a generous dollop of creamy fresh butter. There is a magical allure to this hyperlocal, artisanal product, one which reminds us of school mornings when a breakfast of rolled paratha with white butter was staple. This memory from our childhood is the inspiration behind Barosi’s white butter, made fresh at our farm daily.

Freshly extracted using the age-old simple technique of churning curd, Barosi’s white butter is exquisite in taste. Deliciously soft, melts in the mouth, rich & flavourful - this butter is a healthy addition to hot paranthas or crisp brown toast. Rich in milk proteins, healthy saturated fats, Vitamins D & A, this healthy treat not only accentuates the taste of a dish, but also nourishes the body with the right dose of antioxidants and vitamins, improving digestion, metabolism and healthy glowing skin.